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Starwalker Astronaut Projector

Starwalker Astronaut Projector

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We introduce the Starwalker Astronaut Projector—your gateway to the cosmos! Light up your space with a universe of stars right in your room. This innovative projector not only decorates your space with a vivid starry sky, but also serves as an educational tool.

Perfect for relaxing and improving sleep quality, the Starwalker Astronaut Projector creates a soothing ambiance that will help you immerse into a peaceful sleep under the stars. Easy to use and versatile, it's an excellent addition to any room, providing both beauty and functionality.

Order your Starwalker Astronaut Projector today and embark on a celestial journey from the comfort of your home.

Product Specifications:

- Nebula Color: Multicolor (monochrome options controllable)

- Housing Material: High-quality ABS/PVC for durability

- Input Power: Compatible with any USB interface

- Output Power: 5V/1A

- Dimensions: Height: 125 mm, Width: 85 mm

- Weight: 300g

- USB Cable Length: 1 meter

- Remote Control: Included

(requires 2 size 7 batteries)

Transform your nights into a starry spectacle with the Starwalker Astronaut Projector. A brilliant blend of technology and magic!"

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